Incline woman reports death threats for making bear call |

Incline woman reports death threats for making bear call

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An Incline Village resident feeding a bear by hand.
Nevada Department of Wildlife |

A bear was euthanized in Incline Village on Thursday after it was identified as one that had been breaking into cars, at least one home and some garages.

“We had to humanely euthanize that bear because it was a threat to public safety,” said NDOW Public Information Officer Chris Healy. “The bear’s behavior was disturbing because it had no fear of humans while at the same time it was very destructive to property and potentially dangerous to people. To make matters worse, it seems that a person or persons in that area has been attracting the bears by feeding them.”

Healy said the person who called for help with the bear has been subject to death threats by phone, text and Internet postings.

Incline resident Adienne Evans reported that one person said “you’ll be struck dead (and) if that bear dies you will have to leave Incline.”

Evans pointed out that there are laws against harassment and stalking.

Healy said the Incline bears aren’t hibernating because at least one of Evans’ neighbors is feeding them.

He said the offender, who will be the first person warned under a new Nevada law passed in the last Legislature prohibiting feeding big game mammals, will be issued a written warning by the state.

“If a black bear has a source of food available to it, it won’t hibernate,” Wildlife Biologist Carl Lackey said.

Pictures provided to state officials show bears, some with cubs, being fed by humans.

Another bear was captured in Incline on Saturday and released in the mountains south of Gardnerville.