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If only we could see each other with God’s eyes

by Joey Crandall

“In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace …” — Ephesians 1:7

If only we could see each other with God’s eyes.

How many conflicts might be avoided?

How many regrettable words never spoken?

How many wounds never inflicted?

As human beings, we have this innate tendency to see the worst in those around us.

Likewise, those around us often have an innate tendency to see the worst in us.

And the thing about that is, the worst is not that hard to find — because we all have it.

These are the truths that plague us late into the night, when we’re left alone with the thoughts no one else can see.

Each one of us — even the best among us — all have the worst, hidden deep down inside each of our hearts.

That is the uncomfortable nature of sin.

But God …

This phrase — but God — crops up over and over and over again throughout scripture. It reminds us always that no matter how dark the outlook, and no matter how dire the circumstances: But God.

But God, knowing everything we would ever do — every stumble and every misstep, every harsh word and every dark thought — God provided from eternity what He intended to be the best in each of us.

He provided His Son — Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the “In Him” in this verse above from the book of Ephesians.

In Jesus we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins …

The concept of redemption stems from the idea of releasing a prisoner by the payment of a ransom.

Taking one unquestionably guilty and under judgement, and freeing them — making right everything that had been made wrong — by fulfilling the ransom price.

In and of ourselves, though, we never had the currency to properly make those wrongs right.

But God did.

He provided the ransom currency to offer forgiveness of the worst in each of us.

The story of God’s grace — His unmerited favor upon the world — begins and ends with Jesus — through Whose blood we have redemption.

Accept this truth — accept Jesus Christ as Lord and King over our lives — and our entire lives, our entire eternities, change.

From that moment on, we walk this earth under grace and mercy, living upon the hope of eternal life spent in God’s presence.

Recognize the truth that sin is what separates us.

From God first. From our own peace of mind. And from each other.

If only we could see each other with God’s eyes.

God, who gave His only son, to save you.

And to save whoever has harmed you. To save whoever has ever done you any wrong.

God sees us through the lens of His love. He provided at the highest possible cost a way to be redeemed and separated from the worst that harbors deep down inside each of us.

If only we would see each other with God’s eyes.

In compassion. And patience. With mercy and forgiveness.

Scripture tells us to let love to cover the multitude of offenses.

God provided the means for exactly this.

He provided His Best, to cover our worst.

And in the redemption provided through the blood of His Son, we find forgiveness, and peace, and love.