How much will city cost? |

How much will city cost?

by Susie Vasquez

Annual expenses for the city of Indian Hills is estimated at $4 million, those costs increasing to $5.6 million over the 10-year projection compiled by Jim Bentley, general manager for the Indian Hills General Improvement District.

The following is a breakdown of the estimated annual expenses for all departments, including a few highlights from each.

• General government/administration covers the annual costs for a mayor, four council members, a city/clerk treasurer, general manager, accounting clerk. The total, about $873,936, includes everything from telephone and insurance bills to advertising expenses.

Part of the administration department is already in place, said Bentley.

•The judicial department, which includes a municipal judge, court clerk and a contracted public defender, is expected to cost about $263,168. The judicial department would be new.

• A public works director, fleet mechanic, maintenance tech and professional engineering services for the public works department, will cost about $400,469.

According to Bentley, the District already maintains a full-service public works department, so the expenses are a reflection of what is already in place.

• The community development and building department would include a community development director, planner, building inspector and animal control officer. The total operating expenses include everything from the professional services for engineering to custodial supplies for an estimated $294,599.

This department would be new, Bentley said.

• Public safety and law enforcement includes a chief of police, five deputies, a lieutenant and a deputy for clerical support. The department would be new and includes machinery and vehicles, for a total of $811,690.

• The parks and recreation department budget includes a manager and two recreation techs, as well as $30,000 for improvements other than buildings. The total for this department will be $310,059 for the first full year.

This is an existing program, so the information is derived from the current staff and budgets, Bentley said.

• The budget for fire and public safety includes a fire chief and nine to 12 firemen and/or paramedics. The budget includes an initial purchase of $650,000 for emergency service vehicles and equipment, the money to be paid in $79,000 increments over 9 years. This department is expected to cost about $860,178.

Budget figures are projected over 10 years, and are not written in stone. This report uses second-year figures because the first-year projections don’t represent an entire year.

For this study, salaries and wages across seven western states were considered, with the exception of California, Bentley said.

Inflation wage costs are estimated at 4 percent, and the inflation costs of goods and services is averaged at 3 percent. The projection starts with the current population of about 6,000 and ends with 9,000.

More information is available by calling the General Hills Improvement District, 267-2805.

Susie Vasquez can be reached at or 782-5121, ext. 213.