How come Rush gets all the vilifying? |

How come Rush gets all the vilifying?

Record Courier Staff Reports

As we see and read more and more about Sen. Harry Reid’s vilification of Rush Limbaugh from the Senate floor we can’t help but ask ourselves, “Why is Harry wasting perfectly good vilifying on someone who’s already well off when there are starving journalists in his home state who could use some?”

Were Harry to vilify one of our own ink-stained wretches, for instance, that lucky devil would be set up for life. It should be worth at least a 10 percent pay increase and a book deal.

We can name a dozen Nevada journalists just as worthy of vilifying as Limbaugh.

We’re not sure quite what we newspaper people would have to do to get the Senate Majority Leader mad enough to go off on one of our own. But maybe one of our radio or television personalities could benefit.

Seriously, senator. Guys like Rush put this stuff on their resumé. It’s not like the Dixie Chicks whose core audience agreed with the President when he criticized them. There’s nothing Reid is going to say that is going to drive Rush’s audience away. There’s no advertising in the world that could have driven Rush’s numbers like being called to task by Reid.

It’s time Reid stopped vilifying already nationally known figures and brought some of that stuff back home where we could really use it.

Times are tight Harry. How about lettin’ her rip for the home team.