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Hook, line and sinker


Richard Girod’s letter to the editor (Aug. 20) indicates he is a fish who has swallowed the Democrats’ fabrications hook, line and sinker.

Girod ignores it was Carter’s and Clinton’s actions over Republican objections which forced the sub-prime loans onto the financial institutions for homebuyers who could not repay them. The economic crash started when the piper came to collect his money.

He seems to ignore Congress proposes the budget and Obama was there and voted for the ’08 $400 million and the ’09 $1.75 trillion deficits which started the existing massive deficits – not Bush. Bush’s budgets decreased deficit spending every year from ’04 through ’07. Girod should check the numbers.

The huge unsustainable annual deficits continuing through 2019 are CBO projected to be $800 billion to $1.2 trillion.

It’s not the government’s responsibility to create jobs by pushing economic recovery with a rope. Government’s job is to create policies and an environment encouraging and facilitating private enterprise to create jobs.

Higher taxes sucking money out of the economy create more unemployment and more foreclosures – basic economics. What do you think created Nevada’s 14.3 percent unemployment? It was Democrats’ actions.

If Girod wants higher taxes he can pay mine so I can continue to support local businesses with what money I have to keep them open and employing people who can pay their mortgages.

We all suffer while Obama plays on his eighth vacation this year. He and all the other Democrats must be sent on permanent vacations.

Stuart Posselt