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Honoring all by honoring each other


On Nov. 10 Gardnerville Elementary School honored all our veterans past and present, which they have done for many years. The beautiful ceremony put together by Robbi Jacobsen and several other teachers is one not to miss. This year proved that to be true. I’ve been in that multi-purpose room over a million times (literally, since I went to school there) and never before felt the spirit that was so strong. The spirit of brotherhood, the spirit of kindness, the spirit of unity, the spirit of America. The room was flooded with red, white and blue (each grade wearing a different color to depict the flag) as talks were given, poems read, and songs sung to honor all our servicemen. There wasn’t a dry eye as Mrs. Sally Wiley placed a single rose on the empty chair in front of the stage honoring her son who was killed in action.

As the veterans stood to honor her, the children began singing “I’m proud to be an American” at that moment, tears flowing as I looked at our future generation, standing, singing, I saw something that others missed, something beautiful.

A young Hispanic boy was crying, not just a tear but really sobbing, with his whole heart. By his side, comforting him was a Native American boy and a Caucasian boy. They had their arms around him and were rubbing his back and really worried about their friend.

I watched this through the rest of the song and was moved by it. When asked, “why he was sad” his reply, “because so many had to die” I tell you their ethnic background only because a thought came to me later that day. “Our servicemen don’t just fight for one color or one race, they fight for all colors and all races” At that moment, those three boys saw no color, no difference in race only brotherhood, kindness and unity. They are the spirit of America. May we come together as a community, a state, a nation and lift up our fellow men, our servicemen truly do fight for all. May we honor them, through honoring each other.

Jennifer Bruns Dillwith

Fifth generation Carson Valley resident