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Homecoming game kicks off tonight against the Mustangs

by Scott Neuffer

A week of festivities will culminate on the Douglas High School football field tonight when the Tigers hope to “Demolish Damonte Ranch.”

At least that’s been the ongoing mantra of homecoming this week – defeat the opponent on the field.

At the same time, although “demolish” is a strong verb, high school staffers are proud to say that their students can excel in the boosterism and hyperbole of the homecoming season without being unkind to said rival.

“We’re not always perfect,” said DHS leadership teacher Karen Lamb, whose class organizes the events. “We want students to cheer for us, not against another team. We want them to set a good example and have fun in appropriate ways.”

Those ways include a pep rally, movie night with staff, and celebrity dress-up, among other activities.

“I think it’s important every year to have that buy-in for kids, that sense of community and school spirit,” Lamb said. “I firmly believe that if you take pride in your school, it trickles into everything you do.”

A big part of homecoming is the election of royalty, which may sound like an oxymoron, as most royalty in the world is not elected. In small-town America, however, the tradition continues.

“I’m excited. It’s my senior year. Why not go all out?” said 17-year-old Chelsea Fent, one of five students nominated for queen. “I really like the entire school to participate.”

Fent is not only a nominee but also a cheerleader who will be rallying alongside the varsity football squad tonight. Kick-off is at 7 p.m. The crowning ceremony commences at half-time.

“It’s exciting and chaotic,” she said. “It’s homecoming – everyone should go out and cheer.”

Andrew Cobourn, 17, is one of five students nominated for homecoming king.

“It’s a great way to have fun my senior year,” he said. “During homecoming week, no one is afraid to show school spirit.”

Cobourn is attending the homecoming dance with his long-time sweetheart Sadie Gastelum, also a nominee. Cobourn will be going as Aladdin, and Gastelum as Jasmine.

“I’ve had a date for a long time now, I guess,” Cobourn said. “We have a lot of fun dressing up.”

Fellow king nominee Chris Scott, 17, said he’s a little outside of his comfort zone.

“I’m not the normal person you see nominated,” he said. “There’s diversity in this group, which is cool.”

Unlike some of the other nominees, Scott is going to the big dance solo.

“It’s our senior year, our last year of high school,” he said, “and we’re going to get out there and have fun before getting back to work.”

Scott added one more name to the royalty list, someone who works hard behind the scenes:

“Ms. Lamb’s awesome,” he said.