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Holistic ranch management workshop Saturday

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Dr. James Kent and Jason Kent of J&S Land and Cattle, LLC are hosting a Holistic Management workshop on Saturday at their ranch, the Rafter JS, 600 Artemesia in Gardnerville.

The Kents practice regenerative grazing practices that promote soil health. They are partnering with Abbey and Spencer Smith, formerly of Reno to offer this workshop.

The Smiths are leaders of the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management, an accredited Savory Global Network hub serving Northern California and Nevada. They completed Holistic Management training in Colorado and Zimbabwe with Allan Savory and other long-time Holistic

Management educators. They holistically manage their family’s certified organic ranch and offer courses, consulting and other programs across the region.

“We are excited to host an event in Nevada¨” Abbey Smith says. “The Northern Nevada community is important to us. My great-great grandparents homesteaded near Tule Peak on the Virginia Mountains and my daughter was born in Reno. It is a special place and we want to see it thrive for many generations to come.”

The workshop is from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Rafter JS Ranch. The morning session covers the principles of Holistic Management and how to use the planning procedures, tools and decision making processes to significantly increase forage production.

“Holistic management has made a significant difference in my operation¨” Jason Kent said. “I am looking forward to learning more during this workshop.”

The Smiths recently began managing holistically in Fort Bidwell and saw a 40 percent increase in available forage in the first year. They work with Michigan State University, who like the Smiths, serves as a Savory Global Network hub.

Dr. Jason Rowntree, the MSU hub leader, recently reported that

“Because of management, when HM was implemented in 2009 we were managing at 74 stock days per acre,spent 142 days grazing w 190 Pairs/Yearlings. Now in 2015 we are running 110 stock days per acre, a 33 percent increase while grazing 50 days later into the year.”

Registration for the event is at jeffersonhub.com. Lunch will be catered by Minden Meat and Deli.