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Historic barn has close call with fire

A keen sense of smell on the part of a worker preserved a nearly 100-year-old barn that might otherwise have been lost to fire on Thursday morning.

East Fork firefighters responded to Comstock Seed along Highway 88 at 10 a.m.

According to the initial call, a worker smelled smoke in the barn.

“Firefighters arrived to find an active fire in a ducting system that was part of a seed removal process slowly growing and extending to structural members of the barn,” Battalion Chief Troy Valenzuela said.

Firefighters removed a portion of the ducting system before the barn caught fire.

“The smoldering fire appeared to have been generating heat for several days and reached the point of ignition as the workers were using it this morning,” Valenzuela said. “The workers immediately called 911 and shut the system down.”

The barn is recognized by the Douglas County Historical Society and is believed to have been built by William Henke in 1921.

A scorched section of ducting.