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Highway 88 scenic designation to be discussed

Gregory Crofton, R-C News Service

A workshop to help establish the section of Highway 88 that runs through Alpine and Amador County as a national scenic highway will take place tonight in Markleeville.

Hashing out the qualities of the 52 miles of highway between Woodfords and Pioneer, as well as drafting a vision for an area management plan, will be topics of the workshop.

The plan would allow the U.S. Forest Service to apply for federal status as the Carson Pass National Scenic Highway 88. It became a state scenic highway in 1986 and a national forest scenic byway in 1988.

The classification would create opportunities to fund highway improvement projects with federal grant money, such as the installation of interpretive signs related to the Immigrant Trail, said Alexandra Botello, project manager for the Forest Service.

What it will cost to plan the highway corridor project has been provided by a $162,000 grant from the Federal Highway Administration.

The meeting is at Turtle Rock Park in Markleeville. For more information, contact Steve Hale at the Carson Ranger District at (775) 884-8112 or Botello at (209) 532-3671 ext. 388.