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Highway 50 at Stateline realignment will limit use of eminent domain

Use of eminent domain for the realignment of Highway 50 would be limited to obtaining right-of-way, Tahoe Transportation Board directors said Friday.

Under a set of principles approved by directors existing developed and real estate will not be removed until the Highway 50 South Shore Community Revitalization Project construction is funded and residential and business relocation completed.

The organization responsible for implementation of transportation projects at Tahoe took an unprecedented move among public agencies to adopt commitments to affected parties related to the right-of-way, housing, road construction, assistance and support for affected businesses, and continued community involvement.

“It has always been one of Tahoe Transportation District’s operating principles to develop value-added projects for the communities in which we work, not just to design and deliver road improvements,” said Carl Hasty, district manager for TTD. “Providing declarative commitments to various affected audiences and to formally endorse this project’s value-added benefits is testament to the board’s confidence and leadership and reflects on the previous success with project partnerships at Fanny Bridge, the Incline Village Roundabout, and the SR 28 Corridor Management Plan.”

“This gives the public a strong message that the TTD board and the project will only go forward following these principles,” said Austin Sass, City of South Lake Tahoe councilmember. “The board is directing staff to move forward with prescribed steps to do it – public agencies typically don’t do this.”

The Highway 50 Revitalization Plan would realign the four lanes of Highway 50 along Lake Parkway East behind Harrah’s, MontBleu and the Village Shopping Center (formerly the Crescent V), while converting the current artery through the South Lake Tahoe business and Stateline casino corridor into two lanes with turn pockets. These thoroughfares would reconnect at Pioneer Trail in California. Depending on which of the five alternatives for the project is selected the number of impacted residential units will range from 78-86 and the number of business from three to six.

For more information visit http://www.tahoetransportation.org.