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Highway 395 repaving set for 2022

It will be at least three years before Highway 395 through Gardnerville is repaved.

Nevada Department of Transportation spokeswoman Meg Ragonese said replacing the top two inches of the highway from 1st Street to Waterloo Lane is scheduled for 2022.

That section of Highway 395 through Carson Valley was last repaved in 2003, according to Ragonese.

Last week, members of the Regional Transportation Commission suggested writing a letter to the state asking that project to be moved forward.

“As we all know, Highway 395 is deteriorating by the minute inquired,” Commissioner Larry Walsh said. “There’s a lot of work to be done on that road. I’m afraid it will deteriorate to gravel if we don’t do something quick.”

County Traffic Engineer Jon Erb agreed on the state of the highway.

“The road is in very bad shape,” he said. “I tend to drive closer to the center lane like most people, which is not the safest way to drive.”

Erb said he has received complaints from people who think the county maintains the highway.

“It actually makes some of my roads look pretty good,” he said.

Gardnerville Town Board members discussed also sending a letter to the state asking that speed limits be reduced on Highway 395 near the old Pine Nut Road intersection. The letter was never sent.

Under that proposal the speed limit would remain at 35 mph until past Grant Avenue and then go up to 45 mph approaching the intersection with Riverview.

Ragonese said the state conducted an analysis of speed limits between Buckeye Road and Muller Lane in Minden. She said 75 percent of the vehicles using the road were obeying the posted speed limits.

“The crash rates per vehicle miles traveled are also nearly half of the statewide average for similar types of urban roadways,” she said. “We do not currently plan to change Highway 395 speed limits in Minden-Gardnerville. But, because traffic safety and mobility are our type priority, we routinely evaluate speed limits and all other elements of our state roadways.”

There are three or four other projects that could coincide with the Highway 395 work through Gardnerville.

The town has been waiting for the installation of four improved crosswalks for 11 years. The improved crossings include Kings Lane, Mission, High School and Mill streets.

Also are improvements to the entrance of Kings Lane and the softening of the S-Curve, which is designed to reduce the number of vehicles coming up onto the sidewalk near Gardnerville Station.

Ragonese said no projects are final with the project, yet.

Ragonese said the project will improve roadway accessibility, sidewalks and drainage.

“Project improvements are not finalized and are dependent on funding availability,” she said. “We will continue preliminary engineering, planning and design over the coming year.”