Health inspections for March 3 |

Health inspections for March 3

Staff Reports

Carson City Health and Human Services Environmental Health Division conducts health inspections for Douglas County.

Feb. 25

Junction Bar


1506 Highway 395, Gardnerville

Score: 94

Inside of ice machine observed to have significant buildup of biofilm on the food and nonfood contact surfaces.

Pop dispenser nozzle had moderate buildup on food contact surface.

No paper towel dispenser with paper towels near identified handwashing sink behind bar.

Repair handwashing sink faucet (friction tape over the faucet) at barbecue area (tape is not cleanable.)

Clean floor under pop box racks and coving/walls.

Junction Bar


1506 Highway 395, Gardnerville

Score: 100

Sierra Lutheran High School

Snack Bar

3601 Romans Rd., #S, Carson City

Score: 100

Feb. 26

Sunridge Golf Club


1000 Long Dr., Carson City

Score: 95

Non sanitizer bucket/solution was observed in bar area; dry wiping cloths observed being used to store equipment and foods on.

Soiled knife stored in handwashing sink in bar area; sink needed cleaning.

Floor drain for bar handwashing sink was very soiled and rags/paper towels/debris observed in drain.

Sunridge Golf Club

Snack Bar

1000 Long Dr., Carson City

Score: 91

Dusty radio and soiled sandwich warmer observed being stored on wire rack next to clean glassware and food equipment.

Small soiled cooler observed being used to prop up front left side of food storage wire rack in walk-in cooler.

No sanitizer test strips available to monitor santitizing strenght at 3-compartment sink.

Kitchen handwashing sink access blocked by laundry basket; beer container stored in sink; hot water faucet handle was in sink (hot water was available when handle was put back on); no paper towels/soap in the provided dispensers.

The bottom of the kitchen reach-in freezer very soiled with spilled and frozen gel-pack chemicals.

Floor drain below 3-compartment sink in kitchen very soiled and contained biofilm growth.

The overhead kitchen light shields very dirty with buildup of bugs/dirt; two plastic shields were cracked/broken with missing pieces. One plastic light shield missing in men’s bathroom.

March 1

Zephyr Cove Elementary

School Kitchen

226 Warrior Way, Zephyr Cove

Score: 100

Whittell High School

School Kitchen

240 Warrior Way, Zephyr Cove

Score: 100

Lakeside Liquor and Smoke

Packaged Liquor

607 Highway 50, #A, Zephyr Cove

Score: 100

Lake Tahoe Oil Company


311 Highway 50, Zephyr Cove

Score: 100

China Jade Horse


963 Topsy Lane, #310, Carson City

Score: 89

Containers of food in the refrigerated units not properly labeled with contents and date of preparation. Personal staff food stored among customer foods. Food may not be stored on floor of refrigerated unit.

Several refrigerator units have no hanging thermometers.

Found food stored in opened tin cans in refrigerated units.

The can opener blade caked with dried food and metal shavings.

The reach-ins opposite the grill are dirty with food build-up inside and out. There is undue excess grease build-up around burners on grill, in collection trays inside the grills and along the sides of the grill.

Some baffles are heavily soiled with grease build-up. One set of baffles is missing from the grease hood.

There is no Certified Food Handler/Manager on duty.