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Health Inspections

Staff Reports

Carson City conducts health inspections for Douglas County. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

June 2

Kim’s Donuts


1329 Highway 395 #3



Personal drinks in open containers stored on the shelving in the kitchen and on shelving in the front of the house.

One large dry yeast container was observed open and spilled on equipment on the storage shelving in the kitchen.

One tub of uncovered berries in a pail was observed in the upright reach-in cooler in the kitchen.

The handle of one scoop in a flour bin and the handle of a small sieve in another bin was observed stored in the food.

The 3-compartment sink was not set up correctly during operations.

No test strips were provided for the dish washing sanitizer sink.

There were no sanitizer buckets with sanitizer solution for wipe rag storage in the facility.

Clean and sanitize the 3-compartment sink area, concentrating on the air dry shelves for clean equipment/utensil storage.

Clean and sanitize and maintain the floor mixer and the donut storage equipment in a clean and sanitary condition.

The urinal in the men’s room was plugged up with water on the floor of the bathroom.

Do not use cardboard boxes for garbage or equipment storage.

June 5

GE Cafeteria


1631 Bently Parkway South


Score: 100

GE Cafeteria


1631 Bently Parkway South


Score: 100

June 6

Market Cafe/Historian Inn


1427 Highway 395



The handles of the food scoops in the bulk sugar and bulk oatmeal bins in the kitchen area were stored in the foods.

No paper towels were present for use at the kitchen hand washing sink instead, cloth towels were used to dry hands at the hand washing sink.

Round Hill Pines Beach Resort

Barbecue/ seasonal

300 Highway 50

Zephyr Cove


June 7

Toast Tahoe


605 Highway 50 #1

Zephyr cove

Score: 100