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Health Inspections

Carson City conducts health inspections for Douglas County. A, B, or C grades are given based on the inspection score, which starts at zero. Points are added for each violation. Note: Low-risk factors are noted but not factored into scoring, although restaurants are still required to correct them.

Feb. 13

Kim’s Donuts


1329 N. U.S. 395 #3


Score: 9

Grade: A

Critical violation: Inspector observed raw shelled eggs stored with/above donuts.

Observed food stored uncovered and unprotected. Inspector observed donuts that were stored uncovered.

Critical violation: Chemical sanitizer not being used at manual warewashing.

The operator is not undergoing proper warewashing. The three-compartment sink does not have a dispenser for soap and sanitizer.

Sanitation buckets must be prepared at the beginning of each shift and changed every four hours.

Port of Subs #61


1329 U.S. 395 #19


Score: 5

Grade: A

Critical violation: Potentially hazardous foods are held at temperatures that support microorganism growth. Potentially hazardous foods intended for cold holding observed at 47 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Inspector observed cut vegetable and deli meats stored in food prep refrigeration units at an internal temperature of 51 degrees Fahrenheit.