Restaurant inspections for Aug. 16, 2017 |

Restaurant inspections for Aug. 16, 2017

Carson City conducts health inspections for Douglas County. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

Aug. 7



1327 Highway 395 #A


Score: 100

Aug. 8

Noemi’s Pupuseria


1799 Ironwood Drive


Score: 73

A large pot of chicheros on storage shelf since cooking at 9:30 a.m. (current time of inspection 2 p.m.) measured at 52 degree Fahrenheit

Reach in cooler temperature below microwave was measured at 61 degree Fahrenheit. In addition the vegetables in the cooler were measured at 73 degree Fahrenheit uncovered eats in a stainless steel tray had a bag of meat stored on top of it. This was in the Hobart upright reach-in cooler. COS (small bag of meat disposed of, bowl of meat was covered.

Two open bags of frozen shrimp were observed being stored in the handwashing sink; stated that it was thawing, although the water was not on. Determined that this was not used as a handwashing sink.

Raw eggs in a plastic bag was stored on a shelf above raw meats.

Food processing equipment (clean and sanitary) were observed being stored on top of a box of tomatoes in the Hobard upright reach-in cooler.

No functioning thermometers were observed in the reach-in coolers.

No test strips for the chlorine sanitizer used in the mechanical dishwasher, the 3-compartment sink sanitizing sink, or the wiping cloth storage buckets.

Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer solution when not in use.

The cutting board in the kitchen s extremely soiled, scarred and marked. Clean and sanitize thoroughly or replace.

Clean and soiled equipment mis-stored on floor, nest to food items

No paper towels at the handwashing sink in the kitchen

The kitchen handwashing sink was heavily soiled.

No handwashing signs at the kitchen handwashing sink designating the sink for handwashing activities only.

No paper towel dispenser in either the mens or women restrooms.

No self-closing mechanisms on the mens or women restroom doors.

Dishwater and trash observed on the floor behind the 3-compartment sink.

No light functioning in the mop closet.

Unnecessary/unused items causing clutter and disorganized in kitchen area.

There is no Certified Food Manager on site.

Most employees do no have a Food Handler Card for Douglas County.