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Health Inspections

Carson City conducts health inspections for Douglas County. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

July 13

Port of Subs #61


1329 Highway 395 #19





1328 Highway 395 South #A



July 14

Pizza Hut

Restaurant; take out pizza

1362 Highway 395 #110


Score: 86

Personal drink items and food items in the walk-in freezer and walk-in cooler were stored next to the retail food items for public consumption.

A pressboard clipboard was observed hanging over the prep table in the back of the house. Equipment in food preparation areas must e from smooth cleanable materials (plastic, metal, etc.)

Heavily soiled lid rings were observed stored over the prep table in the back of the house. Clean, sanitize, and maintain.

A heavily soiled crescent pizza cutter was observed being stored in the clean metal storage rack with other clean pieces of equipment.

Many non-food contact pieces of equipment were heavily soiled with significant buildup of food material, dust, dirt, grease and the like, i.e. Receipt Printer, drop electrical cords, equipment stored on top of the deep fat fryers, the fryer itself, most equipment in the kitchen metal racking.

The mechanical dishwasher drain pipe into the floor drain is approximately one inch below the top of the drain. This needs to be one inch above the drain.

The trash can in the employee rest room is overflowing and has no lid. Fir this container for a lid and keep emptied on a regular frequency.

All floors and floor drains throughout the facility requires cleaning and sanitizing. Maintain in a clean and sanitary condition.

All walls, floor/wall junctures and covering and ceiling areas require cleaning and sanitizing. Maintain in a clean and sanitary condition.

There was no functioning light in the walk-freezer.

All employees must have a valid current food handler card within two weeks of today’s date.

July 17

Silver City RV Resort


3165 Highway 395


Score: 100

July 19

Subway #35900


212 Elks Point Road #107

Zephyr Cove

Score: 90

Sliced vegetables were not properly labeled with dates.

No test strips for the three compartment sink.

An accurate, chemical test kit is not provided for the dish washing machine or gauges are inaccurate or missing.

The faucet from the three compartment sink is only dispensing hot water.

The back door of the restaurant must be properly sealed to minimize pest infestation.