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Health Inspections

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Carson City conducts health inspections for Douglas County. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

June 22

Thai Jasmine


1332 Highway 395 #20-A


Score: 100

July 5

David Walley’s 1862 Resort

Restaurant, Harriet’s Cafe

2001 Foothill Road


Score: 78

Cooked chicken at 115 degree Fahrenheit stored in the right side of the left prep cooler.

Containers of ham products on the left side of the prep cooler were measured and photographed at 53.5 degrees Fahrenheit and 47.6 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. The chef indicated that they had been in the cooler for over 6 hours. This product was deposed of along with a cut sausage at over 50 degree Fahrenheit.

A personal cup of ice water without a lid or straw was observed being stored on the pass through shelf over the prep coolers.

An employee touched food in the prep cooler without washing hands prior to action.

No employee handling food in the kitchen could properly demonstrate how to use test strips or how to identify the proper test strips to use.

Two food spatulas were observed and photographed being stored under the food contact packaging and over a soiled shelf.

Raw wood was used to mount the potato dicer on the wall of the kitchen.

Wiping cloths were not stored in sanitizer solutions; dry wiping cloths were used to store food equipment on.

Cutting boards in use on the prep cooler preparation area must be replaced due to scarring and staining.

Soiled kitchen food contact equipment was placed in the wipe rag sanitizer bucket.

The potato cutter was soiled with old food product.

The top and side of the back of the ice machine was very soiled with small dead fling insects, dirt, dust and grime.

The floor behind the front of the house pop dispenser was soiled and had a collection of trash; old cups, glass, containers, lids and wrapping, etc.

The floor below, under the and behind the kitchen grill equipment was observed with a significant buildup of grease, grime, dust and dirt.

The glass light shields under the grill hood and directly over the grill surfaces was observed with a heavy buildup of grease, dust, dirt and grime.

The wall behind the kitchen cooking equipment was significantly soiled with a buildup of grease and grime.

All employees of this facility are required to obtain and posses a current, valid, Douglas County Food Handlers Card within 15 days from the date of this inspection.

July 6

Organic Ice

Caterer, mobile food vehicle

760 Highway 50

Zephyr Cove

Score: 100