Last hurdle for S-curve apartments |

Last hurdle for S-curve apartments

Apartments are proposed for the former Sierra Gourmet Grill site.
Kurt Hildebrand |

A plan to put apartments on the site of a former restaurant in the Gardnerville S-curve will go to Douglas County commssioners.

Following Gardnerville’s Plan for Prosperity, planning commissioners endorsed a zoning map amendment last week that will convert a spot that has been a car lot for most of its developed life into mixed-use commercial.

Owner Martin Stahl originally proposed converting the site into apartments, a plan that was rejected by the Gardnerville Town Board.

According to R.O. Anderson planner Keith Ruben, Stahl originally didn’t think there was a market for commercial on the site.

“It’s pretty clear this area is intended for mixed use commercial,” Ruben said. “Someone told him that there is a market for office commercial toward the front of the site. That’s why we came back and revised plan.”

Ruben said the project would not remove the site from the primary flood plan.

“Those building would have to be elevated above it,” he said.

While there are more details on the three two-story apartment buildings, details on design of the office space would be worked out during design review, according to Planner Heather Ferris.

According to the proposal, each unit would have a single car garage in the bottom and two bedrooms in the top floor.

In June, Stahl estimated the apartments would be roughly 1,300-square-feet.

Gardnerville Town Board members found that the project complied with the plan for prosperity.

The town is also working on the flooding issues in the S-curve, which was one of the original motivations for obtaining the site of the former Condron Shell station across Highway 395 from the apartments.

The Sierra Gourmet Grill opened in the winter of 2013 as part of the Nevada Unique Store.

The restaurant was closed by a kitchen fire in November 2015.

Before it was a restaurant, it was the home of Carson Valley Auto Mart for 17 years.

As recently as December 2011, the property was being advertised as a park and sell.