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Hay truck wreck tests firefighters’ ingenuity

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A kiddie pool with sandbags catches fuel from a truck wreck. Firefighters fashioned a plug from a log for the bridge's drain.
East Fork Fire District |

Keeping 40-60 gallons of fuel from a hay truck wreck on Lutheran Bridge out of the Carson River tested first responders’ resourcefulness early Thursday morning.

East Fork firefighters responded to the tractor-trailer carrying 1-ton bales of hay at about 12:30 a.m.

The collision opened a fuel tank on the passenger side of the semi, spilling the fuel.

East Fork crews found fuel was pouring down a drain in the bridge and into the river.

Firefighters placed a kiddie pool with sandbags to catch the fuel, and then built a plug using a log and a chain saw to plug the drain outlet.

More personnel were called in to help control the leak and absorb the standing fuel on the bridge, according to East Fork Fire Marshal Steve Eisele.

“Due to the immediate identification of the drain, the quick work to capture the leaking fuel and plugging the drain outlet the river was spared from being contaminated and possibly a major environmental issue,” Eisele said.

Once all the fuel was contained the incident was turned over to the Nevada Highway Patrol and the Nevada State Department of Transportation and their contract hazmat clean-up company.

The wreck reportedly occurred when a tire blew out, sending the truck careening into the concrete barriers on the side of the bridge. Centerville was closed for nearly 12 hours, reopening on Thursday afternoon.

No one was injured in the wreck.