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‘Have you Heard’ Douglas 1 acts

Going on five years Douglas High School seniors Brittnei Rollins and Cheyenne Roy have done everything together, including acting and directing plays in the drama club.

Their 1 Act play “Have You Heard” is one of four plays being showcased Saturday during the final acts of the Drama Club and Thespian Troupe 990’s 6th annual 1 Act Play Festival.

“We work really well together,” Rollins said.“Sometimes we disagree on how something should be done, but for the most part we do well together and neither of us are a ‘codirector.’ We share the responsibility equally and go off of each other’s ideas.”

Rollins and Roy participated in the thespian festival last year as directors and have acted in previous years.

“Last year we just kind of threw ourselves into it,” Rollins said. “We really didn’t know what we were doing, but it was a great experience and we learned a lot from it.”

Since then they have learned all they can to improve themselves and their directing skills.

“We picked up a lot and asked a lot questions, it was a great experience that I think has shown this year,” Rollins said.

Although, they’ve worked hard to improve their directing skills, they said the credit really goes to the actors.

“What we tell people is it’s not us, it’s 100 percent the actors,” said Rollins. “We’re just here for the direction, they’re the ones with the talent and who bring our direction to life.”

“We don’t take credit for anything,” added Roy.

“Have you Heard” shares the secrets and rumors that spread around a high school and how they affect the entire school.

“It’s about high school secrets and how rumors can grow from one place to another and affect everyone,” said Roy.

They said the 1 Act is not kid-friendly and audience should be advised.

“It’s not all dark and there is some comedy, but it mentions death and sexual assault so it wouldn’t be something kids would really enjoy,” Rollins said.

“Love Akwardly” is another 1 Act directed by senior Sarah Grove, being showcased Saturday.

“Seeing my play and my vision come to life was absolutely amazing,” Grove said. “I could never be more satisfied with how Love (Awkwardly) turned out.”

Grove said “Love Akwardly” is a play based on the awkward love of teenage relationships.

“It’s a romcom (romantic comedy) about two friends, a boy and a girl and how their relationship grows over the years,” said Grove.

Grove has been acting for three years with the drama club and has participated in thespian as both a director and actor.

“It’s cool going from acting to directing. It’s a great experience,” she said. “You get to take the show and organize everything from getting the props to seeing the actors grow.”

The plays will be compete to win a spot at the Northern Nevada Thespian Festival in January. The top two plays will move on to the State Thespian Festival in Las Vegas.

Drama Department head and Thespian Troupe Leader Amy Sando said the high school drama club has had two plays move on to the state level in the last five years.

The Nevada Thespians is a chapter of the International Thespian Society, an honor society sponsored by the Education Theatre Association.

“It really helps the students take their acting or directing and theatre career to the next level and it challenges them,” Sando told The Record-Courier in a 2016 interview about the Thespian Festival. “The directors and actors have all worked really hard and they’ve got some great performances.”

1 Act Plays

Love (Awkwardly)

Director: Sarah Grove

Dylon Hinchey

Sarah Johnson

Haley Estabrook

Thomas Rao

Hannah Lyons

Camron Hinchey

Francesca Melander

Skyler Bunn​


Director: Ann Keasling

Maddison Vickers

Cate Buscay

Tullia Ro

Levi Romero

Have You Heard?

Director: Cheyenne

Roy and Brittnei Rollins

Alyxx Peterson

Danielle Vaughn

Michael Proffitt

Nancy Flores

Sam King


Director: Willard Franklin

Willard Franklin

Maya Worlery

Lindsay Thew