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Halloween on its way

Local Gold Star mother Sally Wiley is coordinating a shipment of Halloween care packages to be sent to U.S. military members.

Requested contributions include: home-baked treats; small Halloween-themed fun items; signed Halloween cards; candy; individual packages of nuts, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, peanut butter, raisins, popcorn, jerky, tuna, and fruit snacks; breakfast-type bars; cans of Vienna sausages; and small puzzle books such as Sudoku, word finds, or crosswords.

Cash donations to help offset mailing costs are also welcome.

Items should be delivered to Wiley’s home, 1846 Crockett Lane in Gardnerville, by noon Monday. Packing will take place at Wiley’s home 8 a.m. Tuesday.

If you would like to help assemble packages for shipment, contact Wiley at 775-783-9292 or via email at sallywiley1@gmail.com.

Carson Valley Golf Course Tournament

In a nod to Oktoberfest, CVGC hosts the Wurst Golf Tournament Ever on Saturday commencing with a shotgun start at 10 a.m.

Format is a 4-person scramble. $40 entry fee covers golf, lunch, beverages, and prizes. Season pass holders pay the usual fee plus $15.

Call 775-265-3181 to register. CVGC is located at 1027 Riverview Drive in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

Douglas Disposal sponsors fall clean up

Douglas Disposal’s Fall Clean Up will be held the week of Oct. 21-25.

Active weekly residential customers in Nevada can place up to six 32-gallon cans (max weight 50 pounds) or bags (max weight 35 pounds) roadside on their regular pick up day. One-foot by three-foot tied bundles will also be accepted. Cans/bags will be disposed of at no extra charge.

Please note that furniture, appliances, TVs, computers, tires, and hazardous materials are not acceptable items for pickup.

Contact Douglas Disposal with questions at 775-782-5713.

Mantis vs. frog

Speaking of fall clean up, I was working in the yard the other day and spotted our bright green praying mantis in the potted mums near the front door. I say, “our” because the mantis had been hanging out in the mums for at least a week and was relaxed and friendly enough to allow me to handle it on occasion.

This particular afternoon, however, the mantis paid me no mind. Its attention was laser-focused on a small frog, sitting stone still on the brick trim of the house.

It was a frozen standoff for several minutes, with neither party willing to make a move. Then the praying mantis slowly started to creep across the mum tops toward the frog, whose only discernible movement up to that point was the rapid expansion and contraction of its lower mouth as it breathed.

The mantis crawled closer and closer, until the frog decided enough was enough and hopped behind a wooden sign propped against the bricks, safely shielded from the mantis’ unwavering line of sight.

Praying mantises are carnivorous and typically feed upon other insects such as grasshoppers, flies, mosquitoes, moths, and sometimes even their own kind. Less commonly, and depending upon the mantis’ size, they will take the opportunity to capture and feed on larger animals such as frogs, birds, and lizards.

I look forward to the return of the praying mantises each summer and fall, though I have to say that this up-close-and-personal observation of a mantis stalking a frog was a first. It’s a mystery if the mantis or the frog ever realized their potential as predator or prey to the other, because I haven’t seen either of them since that afternoon.

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