Guardian and administrator spots to split |

Guardian and administrator spots to split

Published Caption: Claudette Springmeyer

The Douglas County offices of public administrator and guardian may once more be split.

Claudette Springmeyer, who has served in both capacities for the past five years, is resigning as public guardian, though she intends to serve out her term as public administrator.

In a letter to commissioners, she said her last day as guardian would be Dec. 31.

Splitting the two offices will require action by county commissioners, court orders, training and acquainting her replacement with the 38 clients she currently serves.

“Given this county’s growing senior population and other related demographics, I believe it is time to separate the two positions,” she said. “While the board is required to make the appointment, the public guardian and the two part-time positions can certainly be county employees.”

In Douglas County, the public guardian serves as the guardian of the person, the estate, or the person and the estate of an incompetent person.

The elected public administrator serves as executor of an estate of someone who dies without a legal will.

The public administrator is paid from the estate of deceased persons. There is no salary from the county, but benefits are paid.

Springmeyer was appointed to both positions in January 2011 after the resignation of Lynn EnEarl.

In her resignation letter, she thanked attorney Mike Rowe and judges Tod Young, Tom Gregory, Dave Gamble and Michael Gibbons.

“I also can’t say enough positive things about John Giomi and Lori Hibbert and the Special Advocates For Elders program,” she said. “They and their many volunteers work with me on several cases and have supported me every step of the way. Their service to me and our seniors is invaluable.”

Springmeyer credited staff members Shelagh Bremer and Kasey Myers for keeping track of clients, paying bills and keeping finances in order.

County commissioners created a new public guardian position and appropriate $32,822 for the job on Sept. 17.

The county plans to recruit a new public guardian.

Springmeyer’s term as public administrator expires Dec. 31, 2018.