GRGID says it hasn’t seen 210 money for flood repair |

GRGID says it hasn’t seen 210 money for flood repair

Michael Schneider

After members of the Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District board of trustees had chided members of the new county commission at a January flood meeting about the 210 water fund, Commissioner Kelly Kite appeared before the GRGID board Wednesday to give an update on the appropriation of the fund and to let the board know it may again be instituted.

“It will be reinstated in some form,” said Kite.

Kite first acknowledged and concurred with the GRGID trustees’ concerns that the money was never used for what it was originally intended. At the January meeting, the GRGID board asked why money from the 210 fund couldn’t be used to offset some of the costs of repairing the breached Ranchos levy as it was originally intended to benefit the GIDs and GRGID hadn’t seen any of it.

“Some of the funds have been spent on water projects at the Lake and China Spring,” said Kite.

“We’re currently working on a water project with the Indian Hills General Improvement District,” said Kite. “This will be the first time in the history of the 210 fund that it was used to benefit a GID. GRGID has never reaped its benefits.”

Speaking as a Johnson Lane resident, Kite said he had never received any benefits from the 210 fund either.

Kite then told the board of some ideas County Manager Dan Holler had come up with for the fund including a possible water exchange system, management of water rights and a possible upper Carson River management plan that could benefit from the 210 fund.

GRGID president Bruce Nystrom asked if the money from the 210 fund could be used to fight the Pyramid Lake Paiute tribe’s challenge to water rights in the Carson Valley.

“Yes,” said Kite.

Citing a new board and a new philosophy, Kite said, “The 210 fund was used as a slush fund, not any more. It’s now being used as a capital improvements fund.”