Great Kleenex caper is solved |

Great Kleenex caper is solved

by Christy Chalmers

D.J. Dalton was not sending a mob-style message that people in Douglas County need to keep their noses clean when he left an unmarked case of Kleenex in the law enforcement center.

He was making a nice holiday gesture, but due to a missed connection, his gift was opened by the Tahoe-Douglas bomb squad instead of a lucky county employee.

“I made a special trip to Reno to pick up this case so I could wrap it and give it to them,” said Dalton. “This was the best Kleenex you could put your nose on. I wouldn’t give anything but the best.”

Dalton is a sales representative for Unisource, which supplies janitorial equipment to the Douglas County jail. He has worked with the company for three or four years, and it was in the course of his job that he learned raffle prizes were being sought for the annual county employee party, held Dec. 18 at Genoa Lakes.

Dalton stepped up with an offer: A case of Kleenex, 48 boxes’ worth, a $50 value. He told jail cook Susan Hansen he would drop it by the law enforcement building Saturday afternoon; Hansen could pick it up and take it to the party.

The only problem, said Dalton, is that Hansen was running late and didn’t manage to get the brightly-wrapped package. It stayed on a table in the lobby until Monday morning, when people started to wonder from whence it came.

Not wanting to take any chances, county officials cleared the building and called the bomb squad. Two hours later, after determining the contents of the package were something to sniff at, the bomb squad reopened the building.

Despite the mixup, Dalton says he hopes the recipients recognize their good fortune.

“I don’t know what brand they (usually) buy, but I know it’s not top of the line,” he said. “This is the top of the line.”