Grand Jury had praise for some agencies |

Grand Jury had praise for some agencies

Not every agency that came under the grand jury’s scrutiny received criticism.

In some instances, grand jurors were impressed by what they encountered in their investigations.

They toured both the jails and China Spring Youth Camp during their tenure.

“One of the highlights of the tours was the kitchen facilities at the main jail,” the report said.

Grand jurors were concerned at the limited number of staff members on duty, but found the jail staff to be courteous, knowledgeable and professional.

They enjoyed lunch at China Spring that was prepared and served by residents.

“The camp appears to be expertly run and well maintained,” they said.

Jurors expressed concern that the state and the county are on different budget cycles, which prompted one of their recommendations. The other was to improve communications between the camp and the county on budget changes and cost allocations.

There were no recommendations for the 911 Communications Department, and grand jurors found no irregularities or problems.

East Fork Fire Protection District was also given a clean bill of health by grand jurors.

The 2008 grand jury had several recommendations including safety and curriculum for the Douglas County School District.

Superintendent Teri White testified that the schools had been outfitted with new public address systems, two-way radios.

She said the entire school district rekeyed.

White expressed concern about the increased use by students since Nevada legalized marijuana. Under the law, marijuana is illegal for those under 21.

White told grand jurors the incidents of marijuana use during the first three months of the 2017-18 school year was greater than her entire tenure as superintendent.