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Gorman’s to close in October

by Merrie Leininger

Although all outward appearances give no sign of its impending closure – a sign on the door even states Gorman’s Rancho Market is still hiring in the deli – the only grocery store in the Ranchos is planning to close its doors next month.

Gorman Foods representative Dean Paine faxed a statement from the corporate office in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Gorman Foods expresses their sincere appreciation for their loyal customers’ support of the store since its opening in 1994. We regret that we are not able to continue serving this community, and made the decision to close after exhausting all opportunities to keep the store operating,” Paine wrote.

During its five years in the Ranchos, Paine wrote, the store has not “achieved the results necessary to continue its operation into the future. It is anticipated that the store will close sometime in October, though a final closing date has not yet been determined at this time.”

Twenty-seven employees of the store found out about the closure Thursday and Friday.

Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District Manager Bob Spellberg said he was disappointed with the closure.

“It’s unfortunate all the years we didn’t have a grocery store and everyone said we should have one, that it would be put to use, then we got one and it wasn’t supported by public, for whatever reason,” Spellberg said.

He said he didn’t think the closure would affect the plans for building a new post office satellite station that is planned for south of the plaza.

He also said there are plans in the works for a drive-up coffee business to be built soon in the plaza.

n They do shop there. A small group of Ranchos residents standing outside the store, at 1281 Kimmerling Road, Friday morning were very upset at the news.

“Oh no, that is awful. This is my store. I want to make a complaint,” said Bertha Bega. ” I have shopped here for three years. That’s not fair. They have good prices.”

Bega translated from Spanish that her friends agreed with her. Paula Delligo said she always shops there because she doesn’t have a car and can easily walk to the store from her home.

Gerry Prystup was picking up a few things in the store and said she was disappointed with the closure, also.

“I come in about once a week. It is terrible. I miss the bank more than anything and now it will be devastating to see this empty, too. I don’t know what they could put here that would draw people. It seems to be kind of a dead spot,” Prystup said.

The rest of the plaza, which already has about three vacant stores, holds a doctor’s office, a dry cleaners, a doughnut shop, a bar and a video rental store.

John Raper owns R&T Cleaners and said he has heard rumors about the closure for a while, but doesn’t think it will affect his business.

“People still need cleaning done. We could be the only one here and they would still come here instead of going all the way into town. It is a service they have to use, but I can see how it could affect other businesses,” he said.