Golfing the Pony Express Trail |

Golfing the Pony Express Trail

I’ve covered a couple of Pony Express rides in my time, but never when the riders stopped for a round of golf at each of the stops.

Joe Nardone has been along the Pony Express trail a couple of ways, including the traditional one, on horseback.

According to the information I have, Joe has traveled the entire Pony Express trail and its branches from St. Joseph to San Francisco on horse, by air, walking, four-wheel drive vehicle, mountain bike and dual sport motorcycle.

It’s been a while since he’s undertaken one of these trips. The last one was in 1999.

This time he rode a recreational vehicle, where he stopped in each of the states the ride crosses to play a round of golf.

The Genoa Lakes Resort Course is one of six where the trail actually passes through the golf course.

In addition to playing through, Joe and his partner Tom Glossop stopped at the Genoa Post Office on Sept. 16 to have a stack of special commemorative envelopes cancelled.

The envelopes are similar in size to those carried by the 1860-61 Pony Express.

Sailors who served on board the battleship, USS Nevada, are holding their reunion in Reno next week, according to naval vessel painter Wayne Scarpaci.

The Nevada was the only battleship to get under way during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The Nevada State Museum has had a display on the Nevada for many years. I bet that it will be a big stop for some of the veterans.

Genoa Town Historian Billie Jean Rightmire was selling her Genoa cookbook at Candy Dance over the weekend.

The book, “Cooking with Genoa Pioneers,” contains not only recipes from the old days, but biographies of the town’s pioneers.

Proceeds from the book sales go to help support the town.

The books are selling for $15.95 and are available at the town offices on Main Street. For information, call 782-8696.

October just started today and I’ve already received a call asking when Halloween is.

Halloween will be celebrated on Oct. 31 in Douglas County, that’s a Sunday.

It’s probably going to be celebrated the same day in Carson City, but I don’t presume to speak for them.

We’ll have Trick or Treat Street going in the CVIC Hall, as usual, thanks to the efforts of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.