Golf course closure plan rule goes to county |

Golf course closure plan rule goes to county

A proposal to enact an ordinance requiring golf course owners to develop a plan should the course close goes before Douglas County commissioners on Thursday.

Carson Valley is home to several golf course communities, including the two Genoa Lakes courses, Sunridge, Clear Creek and Carson Valley Golf Course.

Last year the owners of Genoa Lakes said they would have to shut down the course at some point in the future.

The Genoa courses were also affected by a previous sale that affected their operation.

The ordinance proposed by Commissioner John Engels would be based on one approved by the city of Henderson in February 2018.

Under the proposal, if a golf course, driving range, park, recreation facility or open space discontinues daily operations, the property owner would have to have a closure plan in place that would say how the property would be maintained and secured.

Any water features or irrigation systems would have to be maintained in working order.

Nearly 400 parcel owners along Valley golf courses have signed support forms, according to a proponent of the measure.

County commissioners meet 1:30 p.m. at the Tahoe Transportation Center in Stateline.

A bill that would have required residential golf courses to be maintained was introduced in the last Legislature. Senate Bill 251 was watered down to forming a committee to study the issue in the Senate but died in committee in the Assembly.

Closure of golf courses has been an issue in Southern Nevada where homeowners say shutting down the course is affecting their property values.