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Going from a rut into a groove

Back in the ‘40s, being “in a groove” was a good thing. Last week, Orllyene and I were in a rut. What to do? Orllyene and I are celebrating our 54th wedding anniversary, so it’s time to celebrate. How about going on a trip? But where to? I call a friend. She’s an accomplished traveler. “How would you like to come with me to San Francisco? I’d love to take you to the Asian Museum, and do some other fun things with you,” she says. What an offer. Orllyene has been stuck in the house for weeks, due to a cold. When she hears the news, she says, “It will be so nice to just sit, and watch all those big ships sailing across the Bay.” I immediately accept my friend’s invitation.

Another trip Orllyene and I went on was to San Miguel de Allende, in central Mexico. At 6,000 feet, the weather in San Miguel is sunny and cool. The buildings are much like colonial Spain. Through a local Realtor, I find a casita built on the grounds of a house built in the early 1600s. Rough stonework on the exterior, and polished tile on the inside, our casita quickly became home. Each morning, I would take a cup of coffee up to the garden on the roof. White egrets would unhurriedly fly across the sky on their way to a distant reservoir, and all was right with the world.

Getting to San Miguel, was an adventure in itself. Orllyene elected to fly from Reno to Leon, where I’d meet her. With uncommonly good fortune, she managed to meet a writer for the television show, “Touched by an Angel,” while changing planes in San Jose. It must have been an omen. Her entire trip was smooth as silk.

My Jeep trip was different. After a long drive, through parched deserts to Chihuahua, I decided to keep going, since it was still daylight. I ended up staying in a spooky hotel in Torreon around midnight. Next morning, within 10 minutes, I was lost. In desperation, I stopped a beer truck, and asked for directions. Three hours later, I found someplace to get a meal, and arrived in San Miguel de Allende alive and triumphant. The next morning, I looked out the window of our casita; it was heaven.

Who knows what good things might happen if we take that first step off our front porch? Breaking away from the routine of daily life is healthy. Remember how full of energy, and the fun we had at recess? We’re the same person, only a little older.

Life has been very good to Orllyene and me. We have three kids, six grandkids and five great-grandkids. Show business has taken us to Monte Carlo, the Bahamas, Paris and Italy. Orllyene has become an outstanding quilter, and I still love to dance. Happy anniversary, honey! I love you.

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