Glitch found in gas tax question |

Glitch found in gas tax question

A glitch with one of the ballot questions has members of the Clerk-Treasurer’s office scrambling to alert voters.

Douglas County Ballot Question No. 1 on fuel indexing was truncated on the electronic voting machines and the last paragraph in the arguments against passage is missing from sample ballots sent out last week.

Clerk Treasurer Kathy Lewis said her office has been distributing a letter to voters describing the issue.

“We began working with the Secretary of State’s Office to remedy the situation as soon as we confirmed the errors and our resolution has been to ensure that, beginning Oct. 25, all voters are notified of the truncated ballot question and the last paragraph of the rebuttal to the pro argument and provided with the full and complete language.”

Lewis said there haven’t been very many takers among voters for the letters.

“They’ve mostly said that they’d already made up their minds,” she said.

Question 1 is on the ballot in every county of Nevada as a result of an action by the Nevada Legislature.

It would permit the imposition of a 3-cent per gallon tax to be used for building, maintaining, and repairing road and highways in the county.

The tax increases would stop after 10 years.