Glenn Logan retires as CVHS president |

Glenn Logan retires as CVHS president

Andy Bourelle

The president of the Carson Valley Historical Society says he has enjoyed his 14 years on the board, with 10 as president, but it is time to step down.

Glenn Logan has resigned, and after tomorrow’s election of a new president he will no longer be a member of the board.

“I’ve been on it a good number of years, and I think change is good. The same person in the same place all the time gets kind of stale,” Logan said. “And I’m kind of burnt out, after going to hundreds of thousands of meetings over the years. I did enjoy it. I wouldn’t have lasted as long as I did if I didn’t.”

Logan, who started his involvement with the historical society in 1983 after retiring from a 30-year career as a public accountant, is ready for a break. Although the position is volunteer, Logan said it was like another full-time job.

He has no immediate plans, but he intends to do a lot of traveling with his wife E-Ann.

“We’re looking forward to having time to travel,” Logan said. “We’ve done some traveling but not as much as we’d like to. There’s a lot to see in this country.”

Logan has a great deal of praise for the historical society and its volunteers. He said he is proud to have been involved in the historical society and encourages other county residents to volunteer.

“I did enjoy it – immensely,” Logan said. “I worked with some of the finest people there are. Only the best people walk through those doors (and volunteer). If someone wants to be included in the best of people, they should go down and walk through those doors. The historical society is something for the community, operated by the community. If people haven’t participated, I think they should look into participating.”

The historical society operates the Genoa Courthouse Museum and the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center, and Logan is proud of both centers, encouraging all residents to visit them.

“It is a rewarding experience,” Logan said, “to see what we’ve done and what our ancestors have done, at both displays, in Genoa and in Gardnerville. If you haven’t gone before, you’ll be astonished by what we have.”

His 14 years on the board are filled with great memories, but Logan said one instance stands out – Aug. 19, 1995, the day of the grand opening for the Carson Valley Museum and Historical Society.

“Everybody worked so hard, and I mean everyone,” Logan said. “I will always remember how the community backed us up. I have lots of good memories, but that was the ultimate. Everyone in the community came together and saved that building, and I will never forget that day when it first opened.”

Although resigning from the board, Logan said he still plans to be involved, helping to secure grants which will assist in keeping the two museums in good shape and volunteering on certain committees. He is proud of the historical society’s members and proud to have been, and continue to be, a part of the volunteer organization.