Glenbrook’s water named best in nation |

Glenbrook’s water named best in nation

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Glenbrook Water Cooperative's Cameron McKay, left, receives the award for the best tasting water in the United States.

Glenbrook, Nev. — The best tasting water in the United States can be found at Glenbrook, according to the Great American Water Taste Test.

Officials from the Glenbrook Water Cooperative at Lake Tahoe accepted the Gold Medal Award on Feb. 10 in Washington D.C.

Taste Test judges winnowed down the number of finalists down to five before choosing Glenbrook.

Only utilities that had won their state drinking water taste test were eligible to submit samples for the national competition.

Rural Utility Service Administrator, Brandon McBride, Assistant Administrator for Water and Environmental Programs, Jacki Ponti-Lazaruk, RUS Senior Advisor Titilayo Ogunyale, Director for Rural Development's Water Programs Division, Kent Evans, and USDA Engineering and Environmental Staff Director, Kelli Kubena served as the final judges.

Judges rated each water sample based on its clarity, bouquet and taste.

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A recording of the complete taste test finals is available at

The cooperative was established in 1990. The plant is located on the shores of Lake Tahoe. The coop serves 285 homes and uses Lake Tahoe as its supply.

The water is treated using an ozone and ultraviolet disinfection system to ensure compliance with all regulatory standards.

The plant systems have recently been upgraded. Plant operators are Cameron McKay and Brandon Garden.