Girls says ‘No’ to shock rocker |

Girls says ‘No’ to shock rocker

by Sheila Gardner

Sara Collier is a girl with a mission.

The Carson Valley Middle School freshman and members of her church youth group are circulating a petition asking officials at Lawlor Events Center to cancel shock rocker Marilyn Manson’s concert in Reno on May 3.

“I am a very devout Christian,” Sara said, “but I wouldn’t approve of him even if I weren’t. He has a satanic attitude and is anti-anything good. He thinks he is the anti-Christ. He is absolutely not appropriate and enforces the bad in everything.”

Sara, 15, and her friends, who meet at lunch-time for Bible study, were influenced in their effort by last week’s shootings in Littleton, Colo., in which two teen-aged gunmen killed 12 students and a teacher before they committed suicide. The tragedy has prompted a nationwide protest against Manson concerts; some believe the boys who did the Colorado shootings were Manson fans.

As of Tuesday, Sara had about 60 signatures.

“I didn’t even know about the Marilyn Manson concert until I went to church Sunday,” Sara said. “I never liked Marilyn Manson. He usually doesn’t make stops in small towns; a lot of people in my school are total Marilyn Manson fanatics. A big factor in my decision was the boys doing the shooting in Columbine.”

Sara, 15, also contacted the offices of officials including Gov. Kenny Guinn, the Reno City Manager and Douglas County Sheriff Ron Pierini.

“I don’t usually take stands, but I can’t say I am this good person, this Christian, without actually showing it,” she said.

“We’ve got our whole youth group behind this,” she said. “That includes kids from Carson City and Dayton, too.”

Sara said she is comfortable practicing her faith openly, even at school.

“The kids know how I am,” she said. “If you saw my backpack, it has all sorts of stuff on it about Jesus. I get lots of comments, some kids say, ‘That’s awesome, keep it up.’ Other kids make comments that aren’t so nice, but at least they’re thinking about it.”

Sara said she has been attending the Carson City Christian Fellowship for about three years.

“I am nondenominational. We follow the Bible exactly, no more or no less,” she said.

n Trip to Nicaragua. Sara recently returned from her second trip to Nicaragua with members of her church who spent 10 days helping families.

“I got sick this time,” she said. “I got the E. coli bacteria.”

That only made her faith stronger.

“The trip was an awesome experience,” she said.

She said there are about five classmates in the noon Bible study at CVMS.

“I look forward to people commenting to me about my beliefs,” she said. “If somebody says something, I come back with something that astounds them. Everything else in the world is so derogatory, you can always find something wrong. If you look in the Bible, you can’t find anything wrong with it. A personal relationship with God is awesome. You have somebody there who knows you all the way.”

Anyone who wants to sign the petition being circulated by Sara can call the Carson City Christian Fellowship at 883-5215.