Getting through the valley |

Getting through the valley

Many of us are so focused on life’s valleys that we tend to miss the joys of this journey we are on.

The psalmist has gracefully put a few, but meaningful, words together that can be used to help examine, with remarkable views, our pilgrimage as it pertains to getting through valley like experiences in life. We all have hidden hurts, closed closets, and covered calamities. The examination of this particular is very helpful of our growth in faith.

This passage begins with a vision of anticipation of the part of the psalmist. Then he continues with a walk through the valley.

Finally he remarks the statement; “I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

Accept reality of the valley.

Christians are going to have valley experiences. But with Spiritual intellect, we know that God has promised He will never leave us alone. So when we walk through sand, it won’t bury us; walking through fire, it won’t burn us; walking through water, won’t drown us. No matter if its

fear or failure; trials or tribulations; troubles or turmoil; stress or stain, we need to admit and accept that we are in one of life’s valleys.

Your response in the valley.

Don’t wait until you’re out of one of life’s valleys. There is a spirit of determination in the midst

We need to become more grounded in faith. Not allowing for frustration to hinder us from walking on through the valley. Become content in who you are in Jesus Christ.

Announce your response, that you are going to the other side of through. Whenever you are in one of life’s valleys, know that unless you learn to communicate with God you will never understand the order in which God’s divine intellegence brings forth divine revelation in your life

to help you press on through the valley.


Pastor Ron Carter of Topaz Community Open Bible Church is a member of the Carson Valley Ministers’ Association.