Geocache mistaken for bomb |

Geocache mistaken for bomb

Tahoe Daily Tribune

A suspicious package located by the Tahoe Douglas County Bomb Squad on Friday turned out to be part of a GPS treasure hunting game.

Bomb squad personnel located the package duct taped to a pipe at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe during a walk-through of the casino around 3:30 p.m., said Sgt. Jim Halsey.

Law enforcement personnel closed U.S. Highway 50 for about 25 minutes while personnel X-rayed the package to determine its contents, Halsey said.

Deputies determined the package was a “Geocache.”

The cache found Friday was turned over to Harrah’s security following the bomb squad’s response to the package, Halsey said.

Halsey encouraged participants to refrain from taping caches to pipes or a building’s support structure because they will be considered suspicious.