Genoa’s alternate taxation still a hit |

Genoa’s alternate taxation still a hit

Genoa’s experiment in alternatives to taxation appeared to be successful for another year.

While the final accounting won’t be in for months, the number of paid booth spaces is the real engine that raises most of the town’s revenue for the year, with other things either paying the cost of the fair or providing valuable support to the main event.

Genoa’s property tax rate raises only $26,500 of its estimated $500,000 operating budget. A good Candy Dance raises at least 10 times that amount.

That’s money county taxpayers don’t have to come up with to support Nevada’s oldest settlement.

Neighbors of the town may complain about the congestion, the parking and not being able to get at their post office box, during the last weekend of September. But for the price of a weekend, they can point to Candy Dance as the reason the town has yet to acquire surrounding areas in an attempt to increase its tax base.

It’s true the town talks about expanding, but without the motivation of a real financial crisis, we doubt that they will be willing to suffer the abuse that will come with annexing folks who are happy with the situation as it stands.

So our congratulations to Genoa for another Candy Dance, and here’s hoping the next 90 will be just as successful.