Genoans send Cowboy Festival into sunset |

Genoans send Cowboy Festival into sunset

Local photographer Dwayne Hicks speaks with a customer in the fire station at the Genoa Cowboy Festival in May.
Brad Coman | R-C file photo

The Genoa Town Board decided on Wednesday to end the annual Genoa Cowboy Festival, saying it was not profitable enough to continue.

Town Board Chairman Tim DeTurk said he was the lone vote in favor of continuing the spring festival.

“I was the only one in favor of keeping it,” DeTurk said. “However, I will admit it was probably a difficult financial decision, even though we have been in the black for four years.”

DeTurk said the sponsorships the town has counted on to keep the festival in the black disappeared this year.

“All outside funding sources have either minimized or dried up this year meaning the eighth annual cowboy festival may have been the last,” he said.

The festival was founded in 2010 as a cowboy poetry event to provide a back-up to the town’s annual Candy Dance Arts & Crafts Festival, which was seeing decreased revenues due to the Great Recession.

Candy Dance provides the lion’s share of the town’s annual budget, whereas the cowboy festival lost money in 2013.

Changes to the structure included focusing on concerts and sponsorships to raise money for the event.

The town will continue to produce the annual Candy Dance Arts & Crafts Festival, which is celebrating its 99th year on Sept. 23-24.

Events raised $401,000 to support Nevada’s first settlement, Town Manager Phil Ritger told county commissioners in May. The vast majority of that comes from Candy Dance.