Genoans seek safer Highway 395 |

Genoans seek safer Highway 395

Cars on Highway 395 at Genoa Lane on Wednesday.
Kurt Hildebrand

Genoans are hoping to get the Nevada Department of Transportation to prioritize installing acceleration lanes at the intersection of Highway 395 and Genoa Lane.

Genoa Town Board members approved memos to the Nevada Department of Transportation and Regional Transportation Commissioners supporting a change.

Improvement of the intersection is part of the state’s 2030 plan for Highway 395, which was released more than a decade ago.

Under that plan, Genoa Lane would be realigned to Airport Road, though there hasn’t been much movement on that effort.

Christina Knittel, who raised the issue, said she doubts that work would be done over the next decade.

Board members agreed that the acceleration lane could be done more quickly.

According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, that section of Highway 395 sees around 30,000 vehicles a day traveling at 65 mph.

Knittel said that even turning south on Highway 395 is a challenge, made more difficult when there is more than one vehicle at the intersection.

She said that both she and her husband have been involved in minor collisions at the intersection.

“It’s dangerous to turn right to go from stop to accelerate because traffic is going 65 mph,” she said. “It’s hard to see if there are two cars, you just can’t see. If there’s a car turning right, you can’t see anything. It’s a miracle there aren’t more accidents at this intersection.”

The most recent safety improvement to Highway 395 was a traffic signal at Airport Road installed last year.

That signal only affects northbound traffic, just like the signals at Johnson Lane and Stephanie Way do.

The town board is asking the state and county to move up the priority for Genoa Lane safety.

Among her requests are reducing the speed limit to 55 mph, adding a flashing light or cross-traffic ahead sign, and created a dedicated right turn lane to reduce line of sight issues or moving a U-turn further north so people can make a right turn onto the highway and then a U-turn to go north.

Highway 395 is a state highway, but the Nevada Department of Transportation makes a report to the county every year.

At the most recent report, commissioners prioritized projects to create a bike lane on Foothill Road and to install a long-awaited traffic light at Highway 395 and Lucerne in Minden.