Genoans hope wagon will haul in tourists |

Genoans hope wagon will haul in tourists

A prairie schooner will be used to direct motorists west to Genoa from Highway 395 in an effort to raise the town’s visibility.

The conestoga wagon will encourage travelers along 395 to make the four-mile detour to Nevada’s first town.

On Tuesday, Genoa Town Board members approved a five-year lease with the Hall Ranch so they’ll have a place to park the wagon on the east side of Highway 395 at the intersection with Genoa Lane.

The lease on the site will be $150 a month or $1,800 a year. Town Manager Sheryl Gonzales told town board members that the county has agreed to pay for the first year. The rent for the site may be increased in the future based on the Consumer Price Index.

Town board members also approved an agreement with the Greater Genoa Business Association, which is raising money to build the sign and maintain it.

Gonzales said the town doesn’t have to start paying rent on the site until the sign is completed and at its location. The business association hopes to have it in place by the end of April.

“They are halfway in raising money for the sign,” she said. “They’ve purchased a wagon and they’re working on it.”

In moving to approve the lease and the agreement with the association, town board member Brian Williams said the sign would help the town.

“This sign could be the shot in the arm the town needs,” he said.

A wagon used to have a sign directing tourists to the town, but over the years it disintegrated to the point where it was taken down.