Genoans, developer meet about project |

Genoans, developer meet about project

Christy Chalmers, Staff writer

A Genoa developer and the town’s Historic District Commission will meet again tonight to try resolving their differences on a hotel-retail center.

The meeting will be the second attempt by Bettie Kanelos and the historic commission to compromise on the project. If the sides can’t agree, the Douglas County commission may decide Thursday.

Kanelos wants to build a 12,000-square-foot motel and retail complex at the corner of Nixon and Main streets in Genoa. The town is Nevada’s first settlement and has restrictions on buildings and development that are meant to preserve its historic flavor.

The historic district commission reviews projects to see if they match the town’s look. Though Kanelos previously approached the historic commission, both sides said the other didn’t provide enough information for action, and the historic commission denied the design for the proposed building. Kanelos appealed to the county commissioners, who told the two to meet again before they would referee the dispute.

A June 8 workshop got the two talking and brought tentative agreement on several issues. But 11 outstanding issues concerning size and aesthetics remain to be resolved, according to a historic district commission memo.

Historic commission member Nancy Miluck said she still hasn’t seen a complete plan and is hesitant to recommend approval without one.

“We worked out some of it, but we only got to look at part of this,” she said. “I got annoyed and said I won’t vote on what I can’t see.”

Kanelos did not return a phone call seeking comment.

Douglas County cooperative extension agent Steve Lewis, who moderated the discussion, said he thinks the meeting was beneficial and the two will reach a compromise.

“I thought we made some real progress,” he said, adding that a partial recommendation on the project could be sent to the county commission.

The county commission set aside 30 minutes during its meeting Thursday night in Minden to consider the dispute.

The historic commission plans to meet tonight at 7 p.m. in the town meeting room.