Genoans cook up fun with Santa |

Genoans cook up fun with Santa

A sudden “Ho, ho, ho!” and a cheer from children announced Santa’s arrival at the Genoa Town Hall on Saturday morning.

People packed the hall for the annual Breakfast with Santa, and you could hear the joy from out in the street.

Nevada’s oldest town hosted Santa and a hall filled with visitors and their children waiting for a chance to talk to Santa.

Meanwhile, over in the fire bay, David Walley’s Executive Chef Terry Dillaplain was laying out perfect grids of pancakes for the third sitting.

Members of the Carson Valley Middle School Leadership Class worked the breakfast dressed as elves.

Genoa Town Manager JT Chevallier said more than 300 people participated in the three sittings.

“Breakfast with Santa brought families together from all over the Carson Valley to celebrate the Spirit of Christmas,” he said. “We would like to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work and holiday cheer.”

The event has been a tradition in Nevada’s oldest town for the past dozen years, starting in 2007.