Genoa Town Board back to full strength |

Genoa Town Board back to full strength

With a full Genoa Town Board, the effort to find a new town manager should kick off in the coming year.

Douglas County commissioners approved appointing Linda Birdwell and Gordon Pasley to the town’s advisory board.

Birdwell was on the board, but decided early this year not to file for another term.

“I’d served on the board for four years and wanted someone else to have a chance,” she told county commissioners.

Of the board members leaving the town board, Greg Pace completed 12 years and is term-limited.

Brian Crowe was the only person who filed for the three open seats requiring that someone else be appointed.

“I was concerned that the remaining board members only had two years each, so I put my name back in to have some continuity, as we will be selecting a new town manager.”

Birdwell also serves as foundation director at Carson Valley Medical Center. She is a 13 year resident of the town.

Pasley moved to Nevada’s oldest town in May 2018. He is the lead mechanic for the City of Sparks, and has worked 22 years in government.

“My wife and I got married in the Genoa Community Church in 2013 and fell in love with the town and its history,” he said in his application. “It took us until 2018 to finally become official residents and build our dream home.”

Douglas County Public Information Officer Melissa Blosser has served as town manager since former manager Phil Ritger took the Douglas County Public Works Director job in October.

Genoans are expected to set a date to conduct interviews of manager candidates at their regular meeting in January.