Genoa seeks to annex 78 acres |

Genoa seeks to annex 78 acres

The introduction of an ordinance to expand Genoa’s boundaries last week is as close as the town has come to growing in years.

Douglas County commissioners voted 5-0 to go to a second reading of an ordinance that would add 11 residents who own 78.46 acres to the historic town’s boundaries.

That addition would result in those residents’ taxes going up by 62.77 cents per $100 assessed valuation, according to the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.

The largest property owner proposed for the annexation has 54.45 acres of land and pays $3,206 a year in taxes now. Should that parcel be annexed the taxes on it would go up an estimated $909 a year. The other parcels would be a fraction of that amount.

The annexations would raise an additional $6,100 for the town.

The motivation to annex these specific parcels has to do with maintaining roads accessing them, Town Manager JT Chevallier said.

The Town Board withdrew a 2010 effort after receiving a great deal of opposition from residents and learning there wasn’t much the town could do for those residents if annexation was successful.

The town collected $27,000 in property taxes. That compares with the estimated $270,000 it collects during Candy Dance from booth and candy sales. An effort to increase the size of the town in 2006 met with a packed house of its neighbors in opposition to the effort.

The fact that Genoa Lakes was in the redevelopment area both times meant its annexation would not result in an increase to the town’s revenues.

But since the repeal of the district last year, that obstacle no longer exists.

Town Board members explored annexing Genoa Lakes in 1991 before any of the homes or the golf course were completed.