Genoa postal clerk honored |

Genoa postal clerk honored

by Joyce Hollister

James DeJong, senior clerk at the Genoa Post Office, was recently presented with a special achievement award for long and faithful service.

Postmaster Emmy Dombrowski said the clerk, known affectionately as Jimmy, was greeted by some 20 townspeople Dec. 6 when she gave him his certificate from the U.S. Postal Service and a cash award of $300.

“We really appreciate the turnout from the customers,” she said. “It made it that much more special.”

The Genoa Events Committee provided cookies and refreshments for the presentation party.

DeJong has been at the Genoa Post Office since Aug. 22, 1993. His normal work week as a senior clerk is six days, and Dombrowski wrote in her recommendation for the award that “his sick leave balance reflects his dedication to the job with a balance of 1,700-plus hours.”

“He is also responsible for all duties of the office in my absence,” she wrote, adding that he took over the Genoa facility during 14 months when she was assigned to another office. He volunteers to work at other offices when the need arises and is trained to assist at the Postal Express Store in Carson City.

He always looks for ways to increase productivity and reduce costs and has achieved an almost perfect – between 99 and 100 percent – “mail-up” time during each accounting period.

DeJong also proved his ability during the transition to the new Genoa Post Office, and achieving an accident-free record when working in the old Genoa Post Office, a tiny facility that presented many challenges to the two-person staff, the postmaster said.

In addition, Dombrowski recommended a superior rating be given to DeJong for his performance above and beyond his obligations.