Genoa plans entry into digital age |

Genoa plans entry into digital age

Phil Ritger
Kurt Hildebrand |

Tourists will be able to upload a selfie with the statue of Snowshoe Thompson, Nevada’s first link to the outside world, if a proposal to install free WiFi in Nevada’s oldest town becomes reality.

Genoa Town Board members recommended a proposal to spend $20,000 of redevelopment money to create a downtown mesh network that would be open to the public on nonevent days and accessible to vendors on days like Candy Dance or the Cowboy Festival.

The town is already paying for Internet service, according to Town Manager Phil Ritger. In his report to the board, he pointed out that having WiFi would address the poor access to adequate cell service and the Internet during events.

The project would be designed to blend in with the town’s historical landscape.

“The installer will use devices which are unobtrusive in nature,” Ritger said. “(They) will be strategically placed on existing light poles or buildings in town, such as the light pole at the corner of Jacks Valley Road and Genoa Lane or on the Town Hall building.”

The project still has to be approved by Douglas County commissioners sitting as the Redevelopment Agency Board.