Genoa Peak Madathon coming in August |

Genoa Peak Madathon coming in August

Genoa will again host the Genoa Peak Madathon after town board members agreed to rent the park to the organization for the Aug. 9 marathon.

Ascent Runs Kevin Bigley asked town board members to lease the park starting at 5 a.m. for the sign-in and 6 a.m. start time.

Last year the run started at Mormon Station State Historic Park after neighbors complained about the potential for noise in the park.

Last year’s race drew more than 60 runners, and Bigley said it was the group’s hope that twice that number would participate in this year’s run from downtown Genoa to the top of Genoa Peak and back.

Bigley said the marathon would have to pay more to rent both parks for the event. The main beneficiary of the event is the Genoa Trails Association.

“For us it’s an extra cost,” he said.

The early start is necessary because even the fastest runners take four hours to finish. Bigley said that last year the final runner crossed the line after 10 hours, 22 minutes.

Sue Knight, the only town resident in attendance on Tuesday, volunteered for the run last year and said she found it well organized.

“It does expose people to our town,” she said.

Board member Nancy Aten said she favored the race, but that the town board should be cautious about approving too many events that interfere with residents’ enjoyment of their property.

“How many events do we have at 5 a.m.?” she asked.

Also benefiting from the Madathon is Douglas County Search & Rescue, which covers the course in case someone runs into difficulty on the route.

Board member Trent Tholen said he invited some friends from Winnemucca to participate in the run. None of the board members said they’d received complaints about the marathon after it occurred.

He pointed out that last year some of the objection was to the time, which is earlier than the normal time Genoa offers the park for rent.

“We have the authority to alter the time if we want,” Tholen said.