Genoa path curb will cost $10,000 an inch to fix |

Genoa path curb will cost $10,000 an inch to fix

It will cost at estimated $59,100 to fix a portion of the Genoa Vista Trail that is 6 inches too low.

Work on the path was halted more than a week ago when a state transportation inspector determined that the path as set now would be too low for residents to access Jacks Valley Road.

State transportation spokesman Scott Magruder said the path will have to be modified.

³They¹re going to have to do some modifications of what they¹ve already done,² he said. ³The main concern is the property owners¹ access. The curb is definitely lower than the original plans.²

The work will only affect the last 750 feet of the trail that enters town from the south starting at Candy Dance Lane and ending at the parking lot of the Teig Building which houses Genoa Station Bar and Grill.

The 7,200-foot trail is mostly asphalt from Walley¹s Hot Springs into town, but starting in town the trail is designed to have pavers.

As part of that work, V&C Construction installed two parallel curbs on the east side of Main Street around the middle of February.

V&C received the bid to build the Genoa Vista Trail in September for

$493,364, the first part of the Genoa renovation project that includes the trail and landscape enhancements in downtown.

In a letter to Community Service Director Scott Morgan, Engineer Tim Russell said he¹d met with the state on Feb. 20.

³NDOT has determined that changes are required to the current construction to meet with their interpretation of the approved plans,² he said. ³These changes will require raising the grade from Candy Dance to the termination point in town.”

Russell said he was working with the state to determine how to best correct the issue.

³While frustrating and costly in both time and money, ultimately NDOT has full authority to dictate work in their right of way as part of the permit issued for work in their right of way.²

Community Services Director Scott Morgan said that the new plan will raise the path 6 inches. He pointed out that the change won¹t affect the asphalt portions of the path that have already been completed.

“The changes to the plan although increasing the cost will ultimately provide a better and safer user experience,² he said Friday. ³The change order will raise the path approximately six inches and do shoulder work to accommodate private property access to Foothill Road. Douglas County is doing everything possible to minimize the effects and inconveniences to private property owners next to the path. We have worked closely with those neighbors and appreciate their patience and cooperation.”

Morgan said that if weather cooperates, the project should be done by the end of April.

Douglas County commissioners are scheduled to discuss the change at their meeting on Thursday.

The trail is the first part of the $2.2 million project that includes removing electrical poles and landscaping in downtown. The $1.013 million bid for the landscaping was awarded to A&K Earthmovers in February. It includes removing the island in downtown Genoa and represents one of the county¹s largest nondisaster expenditures in the history of Nevada¹s first settlement.

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