Genoa OKs cowboy poetry pact |

Genoa OKs cowboy poetry pact

Genoan Daniel Aynesworth will be the trail boss for the second annual Genoa Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival.

Aynesworth who headed logistics for the first event will take on responsibilities as chairman of the event. Carson Valley Arts Council President Brian Fitzgerald will serve as vice chairman.

Manager Sheryl Gonzales said that Sue Knight, who was originally considered for the position, chose to continue to be chairwoman of the events committee.

“As logistics chairman, Dan worked with almost every area of the festival last year,” she said.

Most of the people in charge of committees will be back this year. Gonzales said that will help improve operation of the event.

Genoans hope the event will earn $35,000, split between the town and the arts council.

The town will take over the finances from the arts council.

Fitzgerald said the arts council expects to vote on the agreement with Genoa at their regular meeting on Thursday.

The festival will be May 5-8, 2011, Mother’s Day weekend.

The event will be a week later than last year’s in order to coordinate entertainment contracts with the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, which is the weekend before.

The cowboy festival is part of an effort to provide additional sources of income for the town. Last year’s festival brought in about $10,000.