Genoa offers manager job to Tahoe resident |

Genoa offers manager job to Tahoe resident

Tahoe Vista resident JT Chevallier was offered the position of Genoa town manager on Friday.

“I am honored to be offered the position of the town manager of Genoa,” Chevallier said. “I look forward to serving the town and its residents and dedicating myself to providing the best level of service and support to this amazing community.”

A former Las Vegan, Chevallier is the owner of Natura Digital Media, which specializes in adventure documentary films.

He also coordinates marketing for the Tahoe Fund in Tahoe City and is executive director for the Tahoe City Downtown Association.

Town Board members voted to rank former resident Dan Dykes in the second spot, should Chevallier decline the position.

The town board also voted to start Chevallier at the bottom of the pay range, which is $54,000 a year.

The Town Board also discussed allowing Chevallier to continue his freelance work.

County spokeswoman Melissa Blosser has been managing the town since former manager Phil Ritger took the position of Douglas County Public Works director in October.

Genoa resident Chris Ritger said her husband rarely worked only 40 hours a week as town manager.

“I think the job requires more than eight hours a day,” she said, pointing out that around Candy Dance the job sometimes required seven days a week.